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Westinghouse Remote Power Strip

The westinghouse remote power strip is a great way to reduce power bill and keep your alexa and google assistant access options open while you're away from home. This two outlet smart plug has multiple usb3 and 3 usb2 host ports so you can easily find what you're looking for on your computer or phone.

Westinghouse Power Strip With Remote

Westinghouse power strip with remote is a great way to keep your devices and power supplies close to your body. It's easy to use and has a built-in network that lets you stay connected to your friends and family. Plus, it has a fast and reliable network that can handle your high-end needs.

Westinghouse Remote Power Strip Instructions

This westinghouse remote power strip is for wall-to-wall wi-fi networking. It features 2 outlets for your smartphone, a built-in wi-fi card, and your favorite smartphone or tablet. Plus, alexa and google. the westinghouse remote power strip is a great way to have access to power supplies, assistants and more while you're on the go. This strip has two outlet options, one with amazon alexa and the other with google assistant. It also includes a built-in blasphemy detector so you know your words are not in violation of amazon alexa's voice recognition algorithm. the westinghouse remote power strip is a great way to keep your phone and tablets connected and running in the sun. This strip is options include 2 outlet so you can add two devices at once, and is also wi-fi compatible. The stripe also has a smart plugs for alexa and google, so you can track your tasks and settings. Ones that support 2-pair analgest and those that don't. The strip also includes a built-in alexa or google assistant compatible speaker so you canhenk while you work.