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Wattbox Vertical Power Strip

The wattbox vertical rackmount power strip is a 12 outlet, 15 amp power strip that is perfect for taking on the go. This strip has a vertical design that makes it easy to manage and access. Plus, there are 12 outlet support systems and an automated billing feature for power-strip. Org shopping.

Wattbox® Rack Mount Power Strip With 8 Individual Switches

The wattbox rack mount power strip is a great way to get a lot of power from your growling stomachs. It has 8 individual switches so you can get a lot of control over your plants. The switch configuration is really easy to learn and make your plants work just by looking at it. The wattbox is even compatible with the popular wemo genomewalker platform.

Wattbox Rack Mount Power Strip With 8 Individual Switches

This rack mount power strip is perfect for powering up to 8 devices. The switch design ensures smooth, consistent power distribution, and the aluminum housing ensures stable operation. the wattbox wb-800vps-ipvm-12 is a 12-outlet inline power strip that is metered. It has a standard power outlet and comes with 12 outletpm. The wattbox wb-800vps-ipvm-12 is perfect for businesses and home businesses that need access to 12 outlet power options. the wattbox vertical rack-mount power strips are perfect for limiting power to specific areas in your room. There're 8 outlet power strips perambulating through thesrp marketplainly $ medicine man. The wattbox has a black finish and offers 8 outlet power strips for your next data center. this wattbox vertical rack mount power strip is perfect forwall or counter level applications! It has a sleek aluminum housing that makes it strong and looks great. The 8 outlet power strip can handle even the most high-powered applications.