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Tower Power Strip

The tower power strip is perfect for keeping your electronics safe and secure. With multiple power ports and a surge protector in the back, this strip is perfect for power-strip. Org store.

Tower Power Strip Target

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Tower Power Strip Amazon

The tower power strip is a 10 outlet power strip that comes with 6 usb ports, a charging station, and a 3- outletenthal plug. It can handle up to 10 amps and has a surge protectant that prevents it from being tripped up by surge protectors from other systems in the building. It includes 8-outlet plugs for ease of use and charging, and is made from durable materials. This surge protectant is perfect for busy places like restaurants and colleges, and will keep you safe if something bad happens to your power line. the new 4 usb power strip tower surge protector charging station will help keep your device protected from power spikes. This prosbi style power strip has accused design with over 4 usb 3. 0 ports, a 3 amperian volt port, and a u1 type joule temperature sensor. Another features a black anodized aluminum design that will keep your device safe from dust and scratches. The battery will last up to 10 hours with the included 10 foot extension cord, and the surge protector can protect up to 4, 5, 6 or 7 devices at the same time. this tower power strip with usb port is perfect for using at home or at the office. It has two power outlet impedance mismatch rates (2amps and 1amps) so you can use your outlet with or without a surge protector. The surge protector also has a heat spreader for extra safety.