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Power Strip Extra Long Cord

This 8-outlet surge protectant is perfect for power strips with a long cord. It has a 12-foot cord and surge protection to keep your data safe. This surge protector is also 8-outlet, so you can add it to your collection.

Power Strip Extra Long Cord Ebay

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Top 10 Power Strip Extra Long Cord

This is a white power strip with an extra long cord. It is 8 ft long and has an 6 ac outlet extension card. It is perfect for a large home with plenty of power. this extra long power strip has 12 outlet receptacles for charging devices and a 4 foot long heavy duty metal housing. The power strip can handle up to 12kg of weight and has a 3 foot cord. This strip is a great choice for the home or office. this tripp lite 7 outlet surge protector power strip extra long cord has a 25 ft. Length and is made of durable materials. It will protect your power strip from surges and charge3port from 2 to 3. You can use this cord to extend the life of your power strip or to connect other devices to your power strip. This cord has a jo. this extension cord is perfect for those with extra long cables. It is durable and 8 ft long so you can keep your device clean and organized. This extension cord is also easy to use because it has a 3 prong plug and is adjustable to fit any outlet.